Reviews of Your Ten Favorite Words

The strange telling throughout Your Ten Favorite Words — encompassing both major and minor themes — embraces language’s ability to create wonder and capture truth. Livingston mines memory and the moment to capture her varying tones (as priest, healer, medic, or manic) depending on the poem and the context, which are both utterly unpredictable. Cutting through the poetic voice is the poet’s humor, lurking around every corner, around every one of your favorite words.

-Craig Santos Perez, read entire review here

Your Ten Favorite Words is a smart, funny, angry and very adult book of poems about the power and pitfalls of eros, about the ways in which men and women stumble into one another, and about the fall-out from those collisions.

-Tom Beckett, read entire review here

Reb Livingston knows how to have a good time and in this saucy collection of poems, she expounds on a few recollections with the same jazzy fun that probably caused them. I like her obvious enjoyment of words, how she teases them into a poem then has her way with them.
-Cheryl A. Townsend, read entire review here