Sample Poems from Your Ten Favorite Words

"My Uncommon Concubine" (Video and Music by Pirooz Kalayeh); The Continental Review

"At Last and Everlasting" and "Finite and Fortnight"; Jumps (Issue 1, 2007)

"What Doesn't Do," "Things Get," "Frankness and Light," "Poem for Make Believe" and "Inept Photography"; Tool a Magazine (Issue 8, 2007)

"The Miser(ables)," "Ours Alone" and "The Spirit to Adopt"; past simple (Issue 1, 2006)

"Seven Spell," "Brevity is Not My Soul," "Another Roundabout" and "On Realizing There Won’t Be a Ceremony."; Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks (Issue 2, 2006)

"Wifely Attempt at Poem"; MiPOesias (Volume 20, Issue 2, 2006)

"Cold Storage," "My Lover Beside" and "Still Feeling It"; MiPOesias (Volume 20, Issue 1, 2006)

"Apologies for Ice," "My Lover Never," "Rare Hawk Evident" and "Tonight I Doze"; Coconut (Issue # 2, 2005)

"Brunch With Cordelia," "Clutch" and "Retention"; Kulture Vulture (Issue # 3, 2005)

"Pine Box" and "Much We Could Do"; SOFTBLOW (2005)